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to support our mission! 

Help our Founder and Treasurer with printing/ materials/ promotion/ website costs! 



Your support will allow us to work on this ongoing project and help build a radically accessible intentional arts community in Orange County! Your donations will go towards fees, supplies, printing, and showing that you value the time, energy, and labor that go into running this collective!
OC Pulp's Annual Cost Breakdown for 2023:
- Website annual fee: $192
- Doman name annual fee: $20
- Printing promotional materials: $30

- Crafting supplies for free community workshops: $200

Dear Reader, 

I have singlehandedly paid for all of the above in addition to the countless hours of unpaid labor I have personally put toward running this collective, such as:  

- Creating the Instagram and all subsequent posts on it 
- Creating and maintaining this website
- Organizing and facilitating OC Pulp Live: recording every single performance, editing all the footage, and publishing it on youtube
- Curating and assembling the OC Pulp Zine
- Facilitating 5 separate Free community craft workshops (I was paid for 3 of them)
- Formatting and publishing The Squeeze, OC Pulp's monthly newsletter: Oftentimes writing and curating the front page and all images in the newsletter myself. 
- Creating, assembling, and printing promotional materials: zines, OC Pulp manifesto, and OC Pulp buttons all distributed to the community for free at DTSA Art walk 

I wanted to write this to be perfectly transparent about what exactly has gone into creating and running this collective, and to illustrate why donating to the efforts I've put in would be greatly appreciated! As always, feel free to reach out to ask questions, or offer suggestions!

With Gratitude, 

Chantal Elise
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