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Our Team 

     OC Pulp is in its infancy. We are a very small homegrown collective currently being run by the founder with the help of collective members who reach out with project ideas they want to spearhead. We have big plans for OC Pulp, and can only achieve these goals with community support! If you'd like to join the team and spearhead your own arts project under the OC Pulp umbrella, please message us! 

Chantal Elise (They/Them)

Chantal ("Shawn-tall") Elise is a visual artist, writer, and musical hobbyist from San Clemente. They have lived in Orange County all their life. 

Chantal is the founder and treasurer of OC Pulp as well as the face behind the instagram, this website, and the primary content creator for most of the collective's output thus far. They have a core belief that interdisciplinary arts communities are vital for creativity and the human spirit to flourish. 

                                                                          You can see their personal work HERE. 

Sanbud Tehrani (He/Him) 

Sanbud Tehrani is a published writer, poet, performer, and mystic social-nomad who has spent all his life in Orange County. 

Sanbud helped run the first iteration of the OC Pulp book club, and is now taking a more versatile role in the collective in the newsletter team. He also ran the late Orange County Poetry Club, where he and Chantal met in 2014. He is working on a new collection of poetry to be published soon! Sanbud can be found roaming the hills of Lake Forest or reading his kindle in your local Jacuzzi. 

                                                                          You can read more of his work HERE. 

Chelsea Schack (They/She) 

Chelsea is a poet, licensed barber, and aspiring visual artist living in Santa Ana, where they have lived their whole life.


She is a writer and editor for the OC Pulp newsletter, and works the beat finding events, artists, and exhibitions to share with the community. She believes that art is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

don't hate it.jpg
Nicole M. Nguyen (She/Her)

Nicole is a disabled writer, scholar, aspiring screenwriter, and hobbyist fiber artist from the Little Saigon neighborhood of Orange County, where she has lived her whole life.


She is an editor for the OC Pulp newsletter, polishing writing before publication. Nicole values accessibility, especially for - but definitely not limited to - the disabled and chronically ill communities. Her primary area of interest is the portrayal of disability in literature and film. She is also the assistant content editor and a writer for The Frida Cinema. 

You can read more of her writing HERE

René Snow  (She/They)

René Snow is a warm community advocate and musician from Orange County. They write songs about "heartbreak and hating the government" under the name mz_directer. She's also heavily involved in the local trans community and truly embodies the values of this collective in all she does: uplifting and supporting those around her. 

René has been a big part of the collective since its inception. She helped Chantal organize OC Pulp LIVE in addition to emceeing and running the sound for all the performers. René is now taking a more active roll in the newsletter team.

You can follow her on instagram HERE.


Phoebe Camilletti (She/Her)

Phoebe Camilletti is a speaker, published ghostwriter and poet, artist, and model. In all she does, it is her sincere goal to use the totality of her creative capability to shift perspectives, bringing light to people’s lives.

Currently, Phoebe facilitates the OC Pulp Book Club!


Sign up here, and say hi! 

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