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Why Are We Here? 

     We want to encourage creativity in our community. Orange County has always had artists, and always will have artists. We acknowledge and respect the arts spaces and organizers in OC that are alive and well in addition to the ones who came before. This collective began to fill a need. Multidisciplinary Orange County arts communities are few and far between. We created OC Pulp because we are tired of hearing that there is nothing happening in Orange County. We are tired of elitism creating barriers within the arts. We want to encourage accessibility, intention, and tenderness within the Orange County arts community!


     Art gives a voice to the voiceless! Art is the human soul. Art is survival. Art is rebellion. In these strange, uncertain, and chaotic times, artists need community. We need each other to weather the storms. We are all we have. People make a community. Connections make a community.


Welcome to OC Pulp.

We're so glad you found us! 


Your support will allow us to work on this ongoing project and help build a radically accessible intentional arts community in Orange County! Your donations will go towards fees, supplies, printing, and showing that you value the time, energy, and labor that go into running this collective! 

Join Us

Are you an artist in Orange County? Are you looking for community support, intentional arts connections, and resources to share your work? Are you an event organizer, or venue operator in Orange County? Are you interested in hosting an event to bring you business? Get involved with the collective!

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